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We are committed to nurturing and developing raw talent into bright stars for the future. We help them to shape their cricket. Our Cricket Coaching techniques always tap into the desire to play cricket, by offering structured learning process, that is one of the key goals of coaching. We are dedicated to create safe, fun stuffed and interesting atmosphere for our trainees. Cricket is a passion that runs through the veins of every trainees and coaches in our academy.  All camps and matches include a variety of challenges to inspire youngsters to boost their performance. Therefore, David Johnson Cricket Academy is the best cricket academy in Bangalore (Dist.), Karnataka.

Cricket Fitness and Training

Fitness is crusial for each level of cricketer. In DJCA, each trainer undergoes cricket specific training with fun and keenness. Moreover, fitness improves reaction times, running speed, bowling speed and batting strength. Stronger bones, muscles and ligaments makes the player fit for the game. As a result, players will improve their all-round cricket performance. Playing is the best way to get fit for cricket. Thus, our coaches always focus on best cricket coaching through structured, well balanced fitness training with cricket specific drills that help them to build strong bones and muscles. Indeed, our unique training strategy makes us one of the best cricket training academy in Bangalore. Thus, in DJCA, we mould our trainees to physically and mentally fit cricket players. As a result, our trainees reach to a high level of fitness which is required for a professional player to perform effectively.

The warm up before cricket prepares the body for sport performance and can help decrease the risk of injury. Our warm up session includes slow jogs , leg drills, stretching, length runs, bowling and batting on the nets, catching drills and so on.

Our training includes physical training, net sessions, bowling practice, batting strategies, wicket keeping, fitness program, expert training sessions and so on. In addition, competitions and practice matches are directed consistently for players to make them experience the weight and build up their game.

Let the new generation follow their passion. It makes your child feel joy and a sense of accomplishment.  Obviously,  it keeps them focused and encourages them to keep hard at work, developing their talents in any given area.

We offer net practice sessions for individuals, teams and corporates with/without bowling machine (Matting and aster turf). 
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Cricket Coaching in DJCA

Toddler (5 - 12 years)

The best year to start with cricket training. Year bound training can mold them into best cricket player of the future

Youth (13 - 16 years)

Professional and one on one cricket training provided by expert coaches that motivates and inspires the trainees .

Elite (17 years and above)

Cricket specific professional training provided by expert trainers to exhibit their peak performance with excellect speed, power and cricket strategy.

What do we offer

  • Annual Batch For Cricket coaching
  • Weekend Camp
  • One on One training Session
  • Net sessions for Corporates/Individuals with bowling machine and without bowling machine
  • One on one 10 days camp for outstation boys and girls with boarding and lodging
Cricket academy in Bangalore


Hear What They Have To Say About Us

Well maintained spacious ground for cricket fitness drills and practices.  Spacious parking and resting place for parents to enjoy their children playing. Organised, structured practice inspires  and motivates trainees to a large extend.

Aravind Shah

This is the best cricket club in Bangalore. An ideal place for corporate net practice and friendly matches. Systematic fitness training makes the player fit for cricket. They have professional and expert coaches for cricket training.

Richard Gary

DJCA’s dietician session and regular physical fitness training has improved my son’s bowling speed and hitting power. Dedicated coaching and friendly management make this academy one of the best cricket academy in Bangalore.

Aftab Abu

Very good academy for beginners. Children plays here with enthusiasm and passion. Exceptional coaching and practice help children to follow their dream. Dietician sessions brought tremendous discipline in my sons eating habit.

Ankitha Patel
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